Ace Controls Limited

Building Management System

Your HVAC system should be meeting your ever-changing demands while maximizing your energy performance and client comfort. A HVAC no longer consists of a single vendor’s equipment/controls requiring system to communicate together. Looking at independent systems is time consuming and costly.

Let your HVAC system work for you. Ace Controls has a wide range of controllers from Network Thermostats to an Internet Router to meet your needs. To allow your building/system to evolve the system is scalable and programmable. Our HVAC system is scalable from a small site to a collection of sites linked together through the Internet/your intranet. When your objectives for system change you can always modify the operation through custom programming. We deliver easy to use products that utilize current technology such as wireless temperature sensor, Ethernet/IP based controllers, and Web based BACnet software. 

Based on the ASHRAE Open Protocol BACnet from top to bottom allows integration of other BACnet equipment into the system quickly and easily. Ace strives to promote the most functional BACnet devices at every level.

Our software package(s) embrace the Open Protocol enabling multiple vendors’ equipment to be consolidated into a single HVAC front end software. From web browser based or Windows based frontend you can manage your entire HVAC system. From navigating customer graphics, running reports, adjusting schedules, to archiving data all can be performed across the system.