Ace Controls Limited

Lighting Controls

You want to stop wasting money and energy on lights being on when they don’t need to be. Lighting controls will help with that but you also need to keep your people happy, comfortable and productive, because productivity is far more valuable a commodity than energy. So what will give you the best of both worlds?

Lighting controllers are the solution. These fully programmable controllers provide the means to control any switched or dimming needs you can dream up. Your interface could be something as simple as a keypad display, to a custom graphical front end on a PC, to a full web server solution allowing users to control their own zones changing needs.

All controllers are native BACnet certified through BTL and work equally well from a single lighting panel to a large networked university campus. Being able to tie into your building management system, you can get the most out of it by programming your site as a whole rather than its separate parts. Drive occupancy from your Access system and tie it to not only your Lighting, but your HVAC setpoints as well. Adjust room schedules in one place making sure your building is synchronized and efficient.