Ace Controls Limited

Open System Architecture

The open structure of the APOGEE® Building Automation System makes all of the information throughout a facility accessible to those who need it….whenever they need it….wherever they are. Investment Protection: Faced with an uncertain future, forward-thinking means keeping your options open. You need a system that delivers facility management solutions well into the future while protecting your past investments. With the longest compatibility record of any single designed system-we always deliver unmatched value and ongoing commitment.

Expanding with your needs: Like every past enhancement, the power of the APOGEE Automation System can be immediately applied to the latest technology trends in information, communication and building automation. With unmatched flexibility, the APOGEE Automation System builds on your past investments, responds to present challenges and anticipates your future needs.

Compatibility by design: The APOGEE System’s backward and forward compatibility will help you to continually improve performance, expand functionality and adapt to the future, while protecting past Investments and your bottom line. As a single-source provider of integrated automation, fire, security, energy and service solutions we take immense pride in not only getting the job done but getting it done exceedingly well. We invite you to discover how you can:

• Manage all facility systems and equipment from one workstation, all over the world.

• Access, view, command and control in real-time over the intranet or internet.

• Monitor critical environments with remote notification by pager, phone or e-mail.

• Compile, organize and analyze information with automated data archiving and reporting.

• Take advantage of new technologies each time you want to upgrade or expand.