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Building Management Systems
Your HVAC system should be meeting your ever-changing demands while maximizing your energy performance and client comfort. A HVAC no longer consists of a single vendor’s equipment/controls requiring system to communicate together. Looking at independent systems is time consuming and costly.

Let your HVAC system work for you. Ace Controls has a wide range of controllers from Network Thermostats to an Internet Router to meet your needs. To allow your building/system to evolve the system is scalable and programmable. Our HVAC system is scalable from a small site to a collection of sites linked together through the Internet/your intranet. When your objectives for system change you can always modify the operation through custom programming. We deliver easy to use products that utilize current technology such as wireless temperature sensor, Ethernet/IP based controllers, and Web based BACnet software. 

Based on the ASHRAE Open Protocol BACnet from top to bottom allows integration of other BACnet equipment into the system quickly and easily. Ace strives to promote the most functional BACnet devices at every level.

Our software package(s) embrace the Open Protocol enabling multiple vendors’ equipment to be consolidated into a single HVAC front end software. From web browser based or Windows based frontend you can manage your entire HVAC system. From navigating customer graphics, running reports, adjusting schedules, to archiving data all can be performed across the system.


Fire Safety Products & Systems
The use and purpose of which buildings and rooms are designed are just as diverse as the appropriate fire safety measures. The hotel kitchen, for insurance, has a different fire protection massively from those of a furnace room, a conference room or a bank.

No matter how complex your fire/gas detection, alarm, evacuation, extinguishing system, smoke control system or danger management needs, our engineers work closely with you to define, plan and install a system that meets them precisely. The one factor that remains the same throughout is our commitment to high quality and safety standard.


Security Systems
Building security and safety is one of your top concerns. Your tenants expect to feel safe and secure in your building and you’re not going to let them down. You need an access control system but why should you invest in yet another isolated system, with a new network, new software and a new contractor?


Ace Controls has a system solution that meets your need for safety and security, while at the same time reducing the maintenance costs associated with proprietary, stand-alone solutions. Ace Controls promotes Access Controls platform which are developed using the Industry Leading BACnet communication protocol. BACnet is an open protocol solution that provides single seat operation for your integrated card access, CCTV, Lighting, Fire and HVAC controls.


The system is designed with your needs in mind, and we focus our efforts on ensuring that the system provides a safe and secure environment. Multiple systems on the same network, connected to a common front-end. It couldn’t be simpler.


Ace Controls Access Control solution addresses many challenges that operators face when securing a building. The richness of features and simple programming language allow even the most difficult configurations to be solved quickly. The system uses industry standard protocols and components in order to make installation and system upgrades as simple as possible.


Card User Management, physical door control, event monitoring and CCTV surveillance can be performed locally or from remote workstations via the Internet allowing building managers the freedom and flexibility to monitor their buildings from anywhere in the world. Building managers can have confidence, knowing that their buildings are secure with our Access Control solution.





Lighting Controls

You want to stop wasting money and energy on lights being on when they don’t need to be. Lighting controls will help with that but you also need to keep your people happy, comfortable and productive, because productivity is far more valuable a commodity than energy. So what will give you the best of both worlds?


Lighting controllers are the solution. These fully programmable controllers provide the means to control any switched or dimming needs you can dream up. Your interface could be something as simple as a keypad display, to a custom graphical front end on a PC, to a full web server solution allowing users to control their own zones changing needs.

All controllers are native BACnet certified through BTL and work equally well from a single lighting panel to a large networked university campus. Being able to tie into your building management system, you can get the most out of it by programming your site as a whole rather than its separate parts. Drive occupancy from your Access system and tie it to not only your Lighting, but your HVAC setpoints as well. Adjust room schedules in one place making sure your building is synchronized and efficient.